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MongoDB training

Mongo DB Overview

Mongo DB is an open-source database management system which uses a document oriented database model that supports various forms of data. It stores data in flexible, JSON type documents or BSON where fields can vary from document to document as well as data structure can also be changed over a time. Here as developer you get a mongo shell which is an interactive JS interface to Mongo DB that allows user to query, update the data and to perform administrative operations..

Features Of Mongo DB

  • It is a document oriented DB

  • Provides high performance & scalability

  • No Joins are there

  • Gives Gepspatial support

  • It is dynamic

  • Data representation is done in JSON or BSON

  • Supports End – to – end security

what we offer

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  • Online Training

  • Corporate Training

  • Weekend Training

  • One to One Training

  • Final Year Project Training

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  • Theory & Practical Session

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Mongo DB Training Course Content

  • What is NoSQL?

  • Why NoSQL?

  • Difference Between RDBMS and NoSQL Databases

  • Features of MongoDB

  • Benefits of MongoDB

  • Types of MongoDB

  • Key-Value Database

  • Document Database

  • Column-Based Database

  • Schema Design and Modeling

  • Installation of MongoDB on windows and Unix OS.

  • Start MongoDB

  • Stop MongoDB

  • MongoDB Help

  • Create Database

  • Drop Database

  • Create Collection

  • Drop Collection

  • Data Types

  • Insert Document/Record

  • Update Document/Record

  • Delete Document/Record

  • Retrieving the documents

  • Projection in MongoDB

  • Batch Insert in MongoDB

  • Ordered Bulk Insert and Unordered Bulk Insert

  • Inserts: Internals and Implications

  • Specify Equality Condition

  • $in, “AND” Conditions

  • $or Operator

  • Specify AND/OR Conditions

  • Regular Expression

  • Array Exact Match

  • Array Projection Operators

  • $Where Query

  • Cursor

  • Pagination

  • Advance query option

  • $SET

  • $Unset and $inc Modifiers

  • $Push and $addToSet

  • Positional Array Modifications

  • JSON

  • BSON

  • MongoDB Structure

  • Document Store Example

  • MongoDB as a Document Database

  • Transaction Management in MogoDB

  • Easy Scaling

  • Secondary Indexes

  • Replication

  • Memory Management

  • Replica Set

  • Auto Sharding

  • Aggregation and MapReduce

  • Collection and Database

  • Introduction to Indexing

  • Types and Properties of Index

  • Sort Order

  • Text Indexes

  • Text Search

  • Index Creation

  • Index Creation on Replica Set

  • Remove, Modify, and Rebuild Indexes

  • Listing Indexes

  • Measure Index Use

  • Control Index Use

  • Index Use Reporting

  • Geospatial Indexes

  • MongoDB’s Geospatial Query Operators

  • Aggregation

  • Pipeline Operators and Indexes

  • Aggregate Pipeline Stages

  • apReduce

  • Aggregation Operations

Depple Training Certificate

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