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C++ Language Overview

C++ is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language. It was created by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs circa 1980. C++ is very similar to C (invented by Dennis Ritchie in the early 1970s). C++ is so compatible with C that it will probably compile over 99% of C programs without changing a line of source code. Though C++ is a lot of well-structured and safer language than C as it OOPs based.

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  • Weekend Training

  • One to One Training

  • Final Year Project Training

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  • Theory & Practical Session

  • Real-time Practice

  • Exclusive Materials

  • Course Completion Certificate

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C++ Training Course Content

  • Introduction to C++

  • C vs C++

  • History

  • Features

  • Installation

  • First C++ Program

  • What is DataType ?

  • Types Of Datatype

  • What is variable ?

  • How to declare variable?

  • cincoutendl

  • Comments in c++

  • Arithmetic Operators

  • Increment Decrement Operators

  • Relational Operator

  • Logical Operators

  • if Statement

  • if else Statement

  • else if Statement

  • Nested if…else Statement

  • switch Statement

  • while loop

  • do while loop

  • for loop

  • Nested Loop

  • Break Statement

  • Continue Statement

  • Goto Statement

  • What is Array?

  • How to declare array?

  • Types of Array

  • String in C++

  • What is function?

  • Types of functions

  • What is class?

  • How to define class?

  • How to access class members ?

  • Member functions in class

  • Types of member function

  • How to declare constructor?

  • Types of constructor

  • Public Mode

  • Protected Mode

  • Private Mode

  • What is Polymorphism ?

  • Types of Polymorphism

  • Function Overloading

  • Virtual Functions

  • What is Abstraction?

  • Pure virtual functions

  • Encapsulation

  • What is Exception ?

  • try/catch keyword

  • finally keyword

  • User definedException

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